Brands We Prefer

Electrical Solar Modules

Axitec Solar Modules, German Brand, High quality, thick frames(best for snow load)

Canadian Solar, Chinese brand, high quality, robust design

Stion Modules, Thin Film, shade tolerent, less effecient per square foot, but annual production is higher.

Support Racks

Roof Top Racking: Everest Solar, fewer number of parts, local inventory

Ground Mount Racking, Pro-Solar, strongest rails, longer span, good snow load


Fronius, string inverter, good customer support, reliability is variable recently

ABB Solar Inverters, string inverter, easy to install and configure, good for complex roof layout

NEP Microinverters, very good energy production, one inverter per two solar modules

 Solar Thermal Collector

Sunvelope Solar Thermal Collector, USA Brand, High quality, thick frames, freeze tolerant 


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