Solar Kits & Parts

Do it yourself homeowners can now purchase at wholesale prices directly from the SunnyCal Solar Store. We will match any reasonable competitive price.   Full support is available for permit docs, rooftop layout and on-site delivery.  Kit pricing is for in-store pickup, and  include the major items necessary for grid-tied system installation, including:

       >  Grid-Interactive Inverter, Outdoor Capable, Arc-Fault protect, Grid Interactive, 240V

       >  250W Polysilicon Solar Modules,  39” x 65”. Total area: 362sq ft.

       >  Support rails, splices, grounding straps, screws and self-grounding clamps for   modules in portrait mode

System Sizes:

> 1kW System:   1.2kW CyboEnergy inverter, Four 280W modules                           $2,999 

 > 2kW System:  3.5kW ABB Dual MPPT inverter, Eight 280W modules                     $4,999

 > 5kW System:   5kW ABB Dual MPPT inverter,   Twenty 280W modules                 $9,950

 > 6kW System:   6kW ABB Dual MPPT inverter,  Twenty-Four 280W modules        $11,800

  > 7.5kw System: 7.5kW Fronius Dual MPPT Inv.,     Thirty 280W modules             $14,875

Items you may need that are not included:     Electrical wiring components and conduit,  roof-jacks to support rails(vary by roof type), fuses, circuit breakers and  warning labels.

Additional Accessories:

Rails and Accessories

      > XR100 Support Rail, clear finish, 168":                           $59.49 ea. 

      > XR100 Rail Splice:                                                          $7.99 ea.  

      > XR100 Ground Strap:                                                      $9.99 ea.  

      > Ground Lug, (attach ground wire to rail)                          $749 ea.

      > XR100 Mid-Clamp, Clear finish, Self-grounding:             $4.99 ea.  

      > XR100 End-Clamp, Clear Finish:                                     $4.99 ea.  

      > Self-Flashing roof-jacks for composition shingle roofs:    $19.49 ea.

      > Tile Roof hooks for concrete tile roofs:                             $24.49 ea.

      > Roof-jacks for flat metal roofs:                                          $16.49 ea.

      > Security Screws for solar module clamps                           $3.50 ea.


      > Warning Label Sticker Kit, custom:                                                $149.49 ea.

      > CAUTION SOLAR CIRCUIT reflective labels (bag of 5)               $8.99 ea.

PV Wiring

      > PV Wire, 1000V                                                                 $0.99per ft

      > MC-4 connectors for PV wire terminations                        $3.95 ea.

      > PV Fuses for GFCI, 600V, 1A                                            $6.95 ea.

      > PV Fuses for modules strings, 15 or 20A, 600V                $6.95 ea.

      > PV Wire Branch combiner connector                                 $9.99 ea

AC Wiring

      > Piercing tap connectors for power tie-in to 2/0-#6 main 

          to create #8-#14 tap                                                          $32.99 ea.

      > AC Disconnect, Fused, 240V max + neut,  30A                 $79.99 ea. 

      > AC Disconnect, Fused, 240V max + neut, 60A                  $129.99 ea.

      > AC Disconnect Fuses 240V max, 30-60A                          $15.00 ea.

      > DC Disconnect, Fused, 600V max, 3 wire, 30A                 $329.00 ea.

      > DC Disconnect, Fused, 600V max, 3 wire, 60A                 $399.00 ea.

      > DC Disconnect Fuses 600V max, 30-60A                          $19.00 ea.

Notices for DIY kits

- Pickup location is the Solar Store, 842 E. State Hwy 88, Jackson CA 95642

- Post-purchase delivery charge is $2.00 per mile roundtrip from the Solar Store, 

   Weekdays, 9-6PM

- Credit card purchases subject to 3% document fee

- Leadtime may vary, typical leadtime is less than 2 weeks from purchase

- All sales are completed from the Solar Store location for sales tax purposes.

- Warranty: 25 yrs on modules, 10 yrs on Inverters (varies by mfg)

- Support rails are Class A rated when used with level 1 & 2 modules

- Customer is responsible to ensure installation complies with NEC and local code requirements

- All sales are final once delivered. Upgrades may be considered for unopened materials.

- Above information is subject to correction and change. Images are representative, actual appearance may vary.


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